Valuation of all real properties for wide ranging purposes including:

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • submission to Securities Commission
  • take-overs, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), joint-ventures
  • corporate accounting and asset review
  • Local Authority rating valuations and Appeals
  • compulsory acquisition
  • credit security
  • asset acquisition & disposal
  • auction reserves and foreclosures
  • fire insurance
  • real property gains tax (RPGT) assessment and Appeals
  • capital allowances claims

Our valuation expertise and experience include appraisals of plantations, timber concessions, plant, machinery and equipment, specialised properties such as steel mills, mining land and quarries, and properties valued on trading/business basis such as private hospitals, hotels and resorts.


Dealing with the sale, purchase and letting of all types of real estate ranging from vacant lands and individual houses to high rise office blocks, shopping complexes, hotels, golf resorts, industrial schemes, development lands and plantations. Locating, identifying and securing sites and premises for clients. Advice on advertising and brochure design. Advice on and implementation of marketing strategies both for sale and letting. Advice on property investment portfolio and the effects of legislation and other forms of Government action. Negotiation of sale and lease for clients. 

Advice on all types of properties including commercial, industrial, retail, residential, agricultural, condominiums, hotels and resorts. 


We conduct market research, data analysis and prepare Market Study and/or Feasibility Study Reports tailor-made to each Client’s needs, in relation to the usage, planning, development and marketing of their property in order to assist Client in decision making, to mitigate risk and in some cases, to satisfy requirements of the relevant authorities.

In general, our Market Research covers the following:

  • Market Studies for general land use planning and for specific development projects
  • Marketability Studies and Feasibility Studies for specific projects

Management of buildings from a single residential unit to a property portfolio consisting of various types of property. Recommendation on rental, service charges, sinking fund and sale policies to maximize returns from property investment. 

Collection of rent and payments of all outgoings. Control and supervision of repairs, maintenance and redecoration. Maintaining rent rolls and accounts. Advice on insurance and valuation for fire insurance. Ensuring performance of tenancy agreements and implementing rental reviews. 

Advice on tenant mix. Recommendations on rental/sale policy. Management and accounting of service charges. Advice on depreciation allowances and ‘sinking fund’ for plant and machinery. Maximizing the return from property maintained as investment. 


Management and procurement of business support services, workplace audits and benchmarking, services level measurement. 


To carry out the instructions of the High Court, Land Administrators and other clients to conduct auctions/tenders of land, buildings and chattels. To advise clients on the terms and conditions of sale and procedures in bidding for properties at public and private auctions/tenders.


Management and co-ordination of the team involved in the design and construction of a development project to meet the client’s objectives in terms of time, cost and quality. Construction management is the co-ordination of a team of direct contractors (without a main contractor) to ensure a higher standard of quality construction. The scope of work includes cost control techniques, time control programming, contracts documentation and reporting procedures, building audits and all work involving advice on contract, calling for tenders, negotiation with contractors, valuation of work in progress, assessing cost of variations and settlement of final accounts. 

Introduction into development projects a high degree of commercial management expertise in order to plan and co-ordinate the efforts of all parties involved in a building project – the Architect, the Consultant, the Builder and the Client – in order to achieve for the client the maximum satisfaction and profit from his venture. 


Provides overall advice on property development process including planning provisions and regulations, statutory procedures, financing development strategies and market intelligence. 

To advise on the forms of development for a particular site including the development mix and expected marketability. To advise on the layout and design to achieve maximum returns. 

Advice on location and acquisition of sites, development finance, obtaining planning consent, preparation of design brief for instructions to architects and other professional consultants. Critical analysis of design layout and supervision of construction.

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